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Potential buyers of residential or commercial property can make decisions in a split second when viewing images of new spaces.  I've done spectacular work for Interior Designers, Architects, and Construction firms.

Good Architectural Photography captures the most photogenic features of a space is of utmost importance. If one picture equals a thousand words - let's make it a good one. Whether a condo, home, or commercial space, having the property look its very best will be our mutual goal.

Unlike a lot of my competition, i don't spend a lot on marketing /advertising and am therefore still able to produce world class imagery for a reasonable fee...

 I do both Residential Interior Photography and Commercial Photography and Aerial Imaging  throughout New England. Using both traditional time honored techniques and the latest digital capture techniques, I can work to present your space just as you want it with just the right angle that you prefer.



Robert M Leger

Arlington, MA


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