Boston Corporate Photography & Event Photography

Although i work in a lot of different domains i'm principally a Boston Corporate Event Photographer.....Non profit galas, Symposiums, Conferences...and of course the occasional wedding and Mitzvah!s and Weddings!

Event Photography is an Art....I want to capture the moment and create a compelling image to remember.

Freeze the pattern...Beautify the space - Wedding & Mitzvah photography are available to preserve a once in a lifetime right of passage- 

There are lot of  Event photographers  out sometimes hiring an Event Photographer in Boston might seem daunting ....


I often hand edit all my event photographs...even with the best flashes in the business they dont always give off consistent light ...

Tweak the color add light here and there...I  use a Nikon D800e and a Nikon D750....about the best cameras you can purchase for low light......Let me Capture your Memories.....with Great Event Photography

I cover corporate photo events, weddings/newlyweds, birthdays, and do mitzvah photography too..After the event, you may have all the raw originals if you like -no extra bargaining for reprints! They are your pictures!

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