Need fantastic food photography?
Imagery that hits the right emotional "spot" ?


Or better yet and more simply....How best to make a your mother's soup look good?


I can create stunning food photography for your restaurant or blog.  I come on location with my own lighting - an assistant too maybe....I can do some food styling with props  or can use on of the many local talented food -prop stylists....Just bring  a healthy appetite- kidding. My lenses are absolutely top notch...i use a Nikon D800e  - 36 megapixels! I bring my own lighting to bring out the texture of the food....this is key!


I've worked for restaurants, industrial kitchens, blogs, and hotels.....

A good food and restaurant photographer can sometimes  be the  make or break element in bringing the emotional component and therefore sales to any food business.   In today's ultra competitive market using a solid Boston food photographer is an essential player to have in order to let your clients know what you have to offer. 

Food Styling and props are available too......


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