Mitzvah Photography !

Did some Bat Mitzvah Photography a few weeks ago...... Great looking people and surroundings helped make it a nice shoot. Sometimes event photography or corporate event photography can go smoothly other times can be frankly challenging....

Photography Issues.....

Interior lighting, uninteresting backgrounds, completely dark outfits, a flash picking up a bit too much of women's makeup can all be serious challenges....for editing. Lightroom often can bring things into order later thankfully! As long as an overzealous videographer or another photographer for that matter in't blocking your shot too often...haha But over all I like to go with the flow and just get the best images i can.... Apparently for orthodox or conservative jews the girl becomes a Bat Mitzvah at 12 years of age.... or 13 for reform Jews. In any case, a lot of fun even for those of us a bit older.

Photo Locations

Sometimes the official religious ceremony at a temple takes place months before at a different location....other times the whole shebang religious takes place at a hotel or function hall. Personally, I suppose it's best if everything takes place at the same venue...On the other hand, sometimes the temple or center isn't great looking photographically so a nice looking function hall can add a little bit of pizzazz to an image.

Turnaround Times

I've heard of some

taking 6 months or longer! to deliver edited pictures to Jewish parents....I suppose if they have a large client list and a lot of jobs it can take a while to execute and deliver on a assignment. I typically like to deliver with a few weeks although occasionally i find myself swamped.....and then have to take a bit more time....but ultimately i try to deliver the good within a month. The more difficult the job the more time i find that i have to work on editing....Sometimes the ceiling isn't low enough for me to get solid bounced flash and i find the lighting a bit too harsh - which i take time to fix. Of often if make up on females gives me an unacceptable hue i take more time to correct on the face....But i always keep in mind that the pics I produce are images that will probably be around for a in that spirit i try by best to exceed the expectations and trust placed in me :)


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