Boston Wedding Photography on the Fly

Just did a quick inexpensive wedding a few weeks ago......Bride met me months ago....wanted something very simple 4 getting ready pics, no groomsmen, bridesmaids, etc

So simple enough, not being a "wedding photographer" did the best i could terms of getting close to what i normally see in wedding photographer's galleries and yet not make a complete fool of myself in terms of posing a couple.....(Really winged it!)

Groom had a simple white casual outfit..sans bowtie/tux...So much of the great wedding photography of the past has to do with great posing and good looking spaces felt a bit overwhelmed at first but eventually found my rhythm.....made their day memorable and smooth .....

Even though the couple weren't fussy or obsessed with doing the traditional wedding shots, i found a few good great places to shoot the couple's shots.....and in the

process learned that sometimes good looking places don't always turn out to be as perfect in terms of an image simply because the crucial elements don't always fall together ....the light might be coming the wrong way, the dock is too high to put the water nicely into perspective etc....Then, there's slightly hazy sun, or bright strong harsh sunlight can be a real struggle in post....a group can be facing one direction where the light is to strong to avoid massive squinting and the other direction gives me a huge problem with powerful backlight and a real challenge to fill in the shadows with flash.....

Later did some massive corrections afterwards with lightroom but feel i pulled it off....For less than $500 i covered the day and gave them some great memories of their special day....

Did the vows under a coupola.....made a nice look......

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