Wedding in a Barn.........

Did a September wedding....Sosha and a rustic farmhouse in bucolic Bedford, NH, the quintessence of New England. Bride and Groom were very laid back; Bride and Mom were mostly already ready by the time I arrived so didn't get a chance to do much of the "getting ready" shots that are normal for Wedding Photography.

Wedding Photography

The bride and groom wore classic wedding gown and tux and looked every much the happy young couple....For the formals I did some haystack pictures and used an outdoor chess table that made a nice prop. Later i got some dramatic photos during the reception in a rustic barnhouse build by the bride's father.

Got some good dramatic images of the best man and Bride's father during the toasts....F

Found a cool haystack that worked pretty well as a wedding prop...except for the brightiess of the sun..


Later made good use of Ligthroom filters to get a nice picture of the rings......

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