Corporate Holiday Photography In Train Station.....Event Photography

December 8, 2017

Did a fun event at an Urban Train station in downtown Worcester....Union Station. Had the benefit of beautiful  colored background lights ...courtesy of Pete Chambers DJ....





Colored lights in the background can make a very dramatic background especially in a dark environment.....

A useful trick to use is to dial up the ISO (sensitivity) of the camera so that it picks up more of the residual lighting....of course it helps to have a camera that works well in low light to begin with....





I use a Nikon D750 on of the better full frame....and perfect for this type of work....

Wasn't a huge turnout so have to be careful not to overwhelm guests with a constant camera in the face....

Did a few dramatic portraits with the colored lighting ..makes a fantastic backdrop.....





Did some careful editing in  Adobe lightroom ....and did a few HDR tricks and voila.....another Christmas party in the hopper!







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