Corporate Holiday Photography In Train Station.....Event Photography

Did a fun event at an Urban Train station in downtown Worcester....Union Station. Had the benefit of beautiful colored background lights ...courtesy of Pete Chambers DJ....

Los Angeles / Boston Corporate Photography

Colored lights in the background can make a very dramatic background especially in a dark environment.....

A useful trick to use is to dial up the ISO (sensitivity) of the camera so that it picks up more of the residual lighting....of course it helps to have a camera that works well in low light to begin with....

I use a Nikon D750 on of the better full frame....and perfect for this type of work....

Wasn't a huge turnout so have to be careful not to overwhelm guests with a constant camera in the face....

Did a few dramatic portraits with the colored lighting ..makes a fantastic backdrop.....

Did some careful editing in Adobe lightroom ....and did a few HDR tricks and voila.....another Christmas party in the hopper!

Event and Conference Photographer LA / Boston

Boston Corporate Photography

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