Restaurant Food Shoot.....

Did a quiick and dirty shoot for a local re- do of a local Cambridge MA eatery....the former Pho House in Cambridge...had a redo; a new menu and new "look" featuring a gorgeous mural and new pan Asian menu offerings'. The new incarnation is called Chalawan ....and is in the Porter Square area of Poter Squre, Cambridge.

Chalawan Asian Eatery

"Porter Square’s Pho House has been transformed into Chalawan, which serves dishes like Indonesian corn cakes and Padang-style fish curry"

Shooting food photography locally in restaurants can be a technical challenge both from standpoint of time as welll as the responsibility or artistic imperative to create a compelling image from props and the interiors on hand....

Chef Palm had some great ideas for an editorial feel as well as a dynamic vantage point..

I got a few overhead shots of the table as well as some interactive shots of the food being handled to add a flair of intamacy for the pictures.

Didn't have a macro for this project but it woked out pretty well overall....Sometimes a macro lens will make food look a bit amorphous...if there's not enough inherent detail or texture in the food to begin with....

Used my Nikon plenty of sharpness and detail even when outputting to jpegs...

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