Time to make some Decisions

Been at this photo thing in Boston for about 6 years - and what do i have so far...Not much....lol. Average maybe less than

15-20 jobs a year...including the crap ones..haha.

I was rated one of the Best Event Photogs in Boston...but little did the reviewers know that i really have no interest in most events...certainty not weddings/ or conferences...and i normally avoid like the plague...i don't have the right personality for it... and am always stressed and feel awkward. But i guess what luck i had in getting a great rating from the peerspace website was talent based alone - but talent is not really that key a factor into getting jobs here...lol. I used to think having a good book was the thing.....lol. Wrong....learned that lesson the hard way.

The content i want to do -arts related/architecture-or even food.. etc. is all but seized up by a few well connected players....and all had a quite a bit of money to spend early in life...LIz LInder, Lisa Voll...they mostly fit the same mold here....mostly from fairly wealthy families i would conjecture...Emerson, this, BU, this, this school in Paris that....and of course the Creative Directors and Art Directors all went to the same schools too....and they give out the gigs..so It's a club...and i aint' in it...lol. Classical music exactly the same too...which is a bummer....but it's not just anyone that can afford $350,000 -$500,000 for their kids to spend on school, private lessons etc. So it is about music - but at the same time not really about music at all. NYC a bit different. I could, in an ideal world do weddings, babies like all the retail photographers..but just never felt comfortable in very close social surroundings and actually am not even very good at that genre..so i avoid for my sanity. Quite depressing! Architects in Boston a complete waste of time - stuck ups -can't even do stuff for free on spec.-Anyway, just how it is..who cares....So anyway, have to take stock of the situation...I can write, and think...Might start looking into writing content online, perhaps Fiverr if i can deal with the steep curve involved in getting enough reviews ....Who knows...!

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